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Not So Fun Fact

The average jury award for auto accidents involving bodily injury and property damage exceeds $300,000. Liability accidents in the home can be just as substantial.

As assets grow, so should your protection. Its that simple. You’ve worked hard to earn and save your money; the last thing you’d want is your assets taken in a lawsuit or wage garnishment. A personal umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage over and above the limits of your auto and other personal liability policies, such as a home and a boat. A personal umbrella policy can not only provide liability protection but also cover defense costs as well. Umbrella policies come in increments of $1 million.

What is Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Here are a few situations where a personal umbrella policy can add an extra layer of protection in case of the unexpected:

  • Adding an umbrella policy as part of a financial plan for asset protection.
  • Having multiple or teen drivers on your auto policy.
  • Hosting parties at your home.
  • Protection for personally owned rental homes.
  • Ownership of dog(s) with a bite history or unusual temperament.
  • Coaching kids’ sports.

A personal umbrella policy is an inexpensive way to shield you from litigation and claims that can deplete your assets and significantly alter your lifestyle. Call us today to discuss if this liability protection would benefit your overall plan.

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